Herbal Tinctures Shop: Revitalise body and mind with natural herbal power

To do something good for your health, all you have to do is get out into nature. It is not only the fresh air that is beneficial for our body and mind, but also the many raw materials and sources of energy that nature offers us. The most important supporters of a healthy body are still a balanced and wholesome diet on a natural basis, a comprehensive supply of vital substances and regular exercise in the fresh air. To promote your health, we at Sagrusan rely exclusively on natural ingredients. In our herbal tinctures shop, you can therefore expect purely natural tinctures and food supplements that are free from artificial additives.

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Discover our wide range of herbs in the herbal tincture shop

In our herbal tincture shop, you can rely on absolutely natural ingredients and high-quality nutritional supplements from our own production. Our Sagrusan tinctures contain many herbs that have been tried and tested as healthy supplements for decades and are still considered miracle cures today. Whether milk thistle tincture or numerous other herbs: at Sagrusan you can buy tinctures that exactly meet your personal needs. No matter whether you suffer from stress or stomach problems: With our tinctures, you can increase your well-being and help your body achieve a better balance.

You will find the following herbs in our herbal tinctures shop:

  • Ashwagandha for restful sleep
  • Cistus herb for the immune system
  • Ginkgo for improving concentration
  • Lady's mantle for women
  • Milk thistle for the liver
  • Red vine leaves for veins and blood circulation
  • Turmeric for the intestines
  • And many more...

Herbal tinctures shop: High-quality herbal tinctures from our own production

In order to achieve the best possible results with dietary supplements, e.g. tinctures, you should follow the relevant recommendations for use. In our herbal tinctures shop, we tell you how long you should take the tinctures as a minimum so that you can fully utilise the effect of the herbs. Did you know that we only supply you with controlled food supplements that we produce ourselves from start to finish and that have been awarded marketability certificates in accordance with § 73 LMSVG? You can rely on Sagrusan for the highest quality at fair prices.

Do you still have questions about our herbal tinctures shop? We will be happy to help you with further tips and useful information about herbs.