Parasite cure by SAGRUSAN® - wormwood clove black walnut tincture for parasites and fungal infestation

Parasites often go unnoticed - yet they are a common inhabitant of the human body. Parasites occur in many forms such as tapeworms, threadworms, pinworms and others and can be found in both humans and animals. Parasites use humans and animals as hosts. Raw meat or contaminated drinking water, as well as increased handling of animals or feces, can contribute to parasites entering the human body. This can trigger a variety of symptoms - for example, they can cause inflammation, attack the immune system or lead to hyperacidity of the body.

If parasites get into the blood and possibly from there into the lungs, they can cause serious diseases or even attack the organs. To support the body in the fight against such pathogens, among other things, a parasite cure from various medicinal herbs is worthwhile. The wormwood clove black walnut tincture from SAGRUSAN® made from natural ingredients reliably supports the body in fighting various intestinal bacteria and fungi. Therefore, it is especially recommended when traveling to protect the body preventively against possible parasites.

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Parasite cure from natural medicinal herbs: how wormwood clove black walnut tincture works

When a person is infested with a parasite, a parasite cure can help him to eliminate it and regenerate the intestinal flora. Physiologist and zoologist Dr. Hulda Clark postulated that a wormwood clove black walnut tincture is a good solution to fight against parasites in one's body - especially in combination with intestinal cleansing and liver detoxification. The three medicinal herbs used have important ingredients that can work together effectively against parasites.

  • Wormwood: It has always been popularly known as "worm herb". Absinthe is widely known and has long been popular as an alcoholic drink, but can cause hallucinations when consumed in excess. Used specifically as a tincture and dosed sensibly, its active ingredient thujone can have a positive effect on our digestion: it is said to stimulate appetite, strengthen the stomach and help with heartburn, bloating, nausea and cramps. Thanks to the antimicrobial properties of various ingredients, wormwood can be used in combination with other active ingredients as a parasite cure.
  • Black walnut: The North American black walnut is also used against parasites - mainly due to the antifungal effect of the ingredient juglone. Furthermore, the tannins contained in the nut help fight parasites in the human body.
  • Clove: The clove also has antiviral as well as antimicrobial effects and can be used in medicine as an antifungal and anti-worm agent.

The SAGRUSAN® Wormwood Clove Black Walnut tincture of high-quality herbs can be used not only for acute parasite and fungal infestation, but also prophylactically. By making the intestine uninhabitable for pathogens, the bitter herbal mixture ensures a healthy intestinal flora, which has a positive effect on digestion and the immune system.

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