Milk thistle - dandelion - artichoke

It is a fact that in the past the artichoke was a sign of wealth and prosperity, which is why it was found particularly in the gardens of rich Frenchmen...

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Greek mountain tea

Traditionally drunk in Greece for its gentle stimulating and mood-lifting effect...

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Lady's mantle - yarrow - wild yam

Did you know that yarrow can also be used in the kitchen? The bitter aroma is popular for seasoning wild herb salads and herbal spreads...

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Borre Mixture

According to Buhner's protocol, specifically for Lyme disease affected people for the intake of certain plants...

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Hair tonic

For healthy hair there are three excellent plants in nature: nettle, birch and basil...

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Numerous studies prove excellent suitability for stimulating concentration and mental activity...

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Looking at the tumeric root from the outside, it is not surprising that the plant belongs to the ginger family...

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Supplement your diet with a natural tincture

Complete, rich and natural: nothing is more important for health than a balanced diet. Together with a harmonious and balanced mind, nutrition contributes to your daily well-being. By purchasing high-quality supplements such as our herbal tinctures, you have the opportunity to round out your diet naturally and provide your body with additional important nutrients from nature.

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Thomas Wallner & Georg Grubelnig
Management SAGRUSAN
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A selection of our bestsellers
Tinctures according to quality standards
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About us
Numbers & Facts
organic quality tinctures
production time
4-6 Wochen
distributors & partners
certified organic
SAGRUSAN® products are characterized by the use of selected ingredients based on ecological criteria. That is why many of our tinctures bear the Austria Bio Garantie seal.

regional ingredients
We collect our herbs ourselves where possible or work with small regional farmers - our hemp plants, for example, are obtained from a farmer in Carinthia.

The respectful, sustainable treatment of Mother Nature has been close to our hearts for generations. That is why we avoid animal testing just as we consistently avoid artificial additives.
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High-quality herbal products with their own "personalities“

To do something good for your health, you often just need to get out into nature. The fresh air is a boon for body and mind, as are the many raw materials and energy sources that nature offers us. The most important supporters of a healthy body are still a balanced and wholesome diet on a natural basis, the extensive supply of vital substances and regular exercise in the fresh air. To support your health, we at SAGRUSAN® therefore rely exclusively on natural ingredients. In our herbal tinctures store you can buy purely natural dietary supplements and herbal tinctures that are free of artificial additives

Wheter Milk thislte tincture or numerous other herbs: at SAGRUSAN® you can buy tinctures that correspond exactly to your personal needs and can be a valuable supplement to help your body achieve a healthy balance.

Buy herbal tinctures: At SAGRUSAN® you can expect a versatile range of natural products for a wide variety of applications.

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Newly arrived in our store
from own production - handmade
Buy herbal tinctures & discover quality

In our store for herbal tinctures you can expect a huge assortment of herbal products and herbal tinctures, which are produced according to Paracelsus and are already considered an absolute specialty of SAGRUSAN®. One of our unique selling points is our own production, which includes all process steps from the preparation of the respective herbs to the labeling of the bottled products.

When you buy herbal tinctures in our store, you can rely on purely natural ingredients. Thus, our SAGRUSAN® tinctures contain many herbs that have already proven themselves for many decades as a healthy addition to a balanced diet

At SAGRUSAN®, we handle the entire production from a single source, so that you are guaranteed high-quality herbal tinctures. These were personally developed by the natural therapist Georg Grubelnig. All herbal tinctures comply with the applicable guidelines for food.

Whether lady's mantle, dandelionmilk thistle or mistletoe – in our assortment you will find numerous herbal tinctures as individual products or directly in a combination package.

Buy herbal tinctures
Discover our wide range of products
for prevention
Strengthen your well-being with the power of nature. Alchemical SAGRUSAN® herbal tinctures can help you in preventing various diseases.
for more energy
Plenty of exercise and gentle activation of your natural vital processes - that's how you keep going. SAGRUSAN® can help support your energy balance.
for more relaxation
Life is hectic? Then relax and find inner harmony. With SAGRUSAN® herbal tinctures you can help your mind get back into balance.
Für die Schönheit
Auch für die natürliche Unterstützung Ihrer Schönheit ist ein Kraut gewachsen. Alchemische Tinkturen von SAGRUSAN® bieten zahlreiche kosmetische Anwendungsmöglichkeiten.
buy herbal tinctures
Take care of your physical & mental balance

Discover the diversity of nature and test the power of herbs to increase your own well-being. Herbs for every need are waiting in our wide range of products, which are also absolutely free of artificial additives and colors as well as genetic engineering. We also recommend our products for vegans, because SAGRUSAN® does not use any animal testing for its herbal tinctures. With a tincture from SAGRUSAN® you supplement your diet absolutely naturally and on a purely herbal basis.

To achieve the best possible results from supplements such as drops or a tincture, you should follow the appropriate recommendations for use. When you buy herbal tinctures from SAGRUSAN®, we tell you in our store how long you should ideally take the individual products. Trust in the highest quality at fair prices.

At SAGRUSAN® you can buy a wide range of supplements and herbal tinctures to cover your needs for effective herbs. Do something good for yourself and your body and trust in herbal tinctures from SAGRUSAN®, which we produce exclusively ourselves.

You would like to buy herbal tinctures, but still have questions about our assortment? We are happy to help you with tips & interesting information about our herbs.

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