SAGRUSAN® Herbs & Tinctures: Quality and tradition in harmony

As a manufacturer of herbal tinctures, it is important for us to guarantee the quality of our products on a permanent basis. Therefore, we take care to use only selected ingredients. Our tinctures are produced according to traditional alchemical methods with organic potable alcohol

This traditional production method ensures that the ingredients are extracted from the herbs in the best possible way and that our tinctures can, thus, develop their full effect. In addition, our tinctures remain non-perishable for many years. The Swiss physician and natural philosopher Theophrastus Bombast von Hohenheim, better known as Paracelsus, also produced his well-known herbal tinctures in this way.

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High-quality and untreated herbs – only the best for SAGRUSAN® tinctures

When selecting the herbs we use for our tinctures, we pay special attention to quality and origin - both for native plants and exotic plants that we import from carefully selected traders. We are also able to source many herbs in organic quality, ensuring that they are free of pesticides, artificial additives, genetic engineering and other ingredients that are harmful to health.

With the help of regular controls, we ensure that the quality of the processed products remains constant and meets our high standards. All tinctures in our assortment comply with the applicable guidelines for food supplements or foodstuffs.

You want to do something good for your body in a natural way? Discover the power of nature -
with Sagrusan tinctures!

Our tinctures

Excellent quality

Harmless despite alcohol content

When taking our herbal tinctures, there is no need to worry that the alcohol content could mean harm to health: Since the consumption recommendation always prescribes a solution diluted with water, the alcohol content per dose taken is reduced to about 0.6% Alc. by volume.

For this, please simply follow the intake recommendations on our labels.

The three pillars of health – Strengthen your well-being

The natural ingredients of our herbal tinctures have both a beneficial and supportive effect. The three pillars of health play an elementary role in our well-being:

exercise and 
our psyche. 

If one of these pillars is neglected, this has a negative effect on our general state of health. In doing so, we put a lasting strain on our body and will feel the effects of poor nutrition, lack of exercise and an unstable psyche at the latest in old age.

We therefore recommend that, in addition to taking our tinctures, to eat healthy, exercise regularly and avoid stress, hectic activity and bad feelings as much as possible.

SAGRUSAN® herbal tinctures: versatile use

Our tinctures are versatile and unfold their positive properties in a wide variety of areas. Whether as a precautionary measure for support, to replenish your natural energy reserves, or as a beauty product - thanks to the power of nature, you can naturally increase your general well-being.

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