Trust in nature
Tinctures from Sagrusan
Trust in nature
Tinctures from Sagrusan

Alchemichal tinctures from SAGRUSAN® – handmade

"Nature is the best pharmacy." - Sebastian Kneipp was already aware of the incredible potential of natural medicinal herbs. Our ancestors also knew methods of harnessing the power of nature for themselves and have passed their knowledge down through generations.

One of the most important pioneers in this field was the natural philosopher and alchemist Paracelsus, after whose model the herbal tinctures of SAGRUSAN® are still produced today. The manufacturing process of our herbal tinctures is characterized by utmost care, precise manual work and selected ingredients, thus, ensuring the unique quality of our products. We rely on regional products, traditional manufacturing methods and give all tinctures the necessary time to develop their full potential.

At the same time, our tinctures comply with current food guidelines and are also suitable for vegans, as we completely avoid animal testing and animal additives.

The first step – the preparation

To create the basis for our herbal tinctures, the first step is to put fresh or dried herbs in a 5 liter preserving jar. In this process, the herbs are mixed with high-percentage organic drinking alcohol and rest in the sun for about 4 to 6 weeks.

During this sunbath, the so-called solar quanta are absorbed and the solution matures naturally. About 2 to 3 times a week, the prepared extracts are shaken vigorously, so that the ingredients of the respective plant components can be dissolved more easily from the plant.

The second step – The pressing

After the raw material-alcohol mixture has been allowed to mature in the sun for 4 to 6 weeks, the alcohol extract is now extracted from the mixture with the aid of a press.

In this process, the pressed plant components are not disposed of, but are further processed in the next step.

The third step - the incineration

The pressed plant components are now burned until a white ash is produced. With the aid of a special, electrically operated furnace, the ash is exposed to very high temperatures over a long period of time - depending on the plant components, temperatures of up to 950 °C can be reached.

This process is known as calcination: This causes valuable minerals to form on the ash, which are further processed in the next step.

Step 4 - Addition of minerals

To dissolve the minerals from the ash, we use pure Alpine spring water from Carinthia. The resulting solution is then added to the alcohol extract in a specific ratio, which gives the mother tincture a final alcohol content of 65% by volume.

Finally, our tinctures are energized with the help of a special process. SAGRUSAN® tinctures are regularly checked by the food authority so that each product is delivered to our customers in perfect condition.

This complex and time-intensive manufacturing process characterizes our products and ensures that the entire power of nature can be bundled in a tincture.

In doing so, we combine modern knowledge with traditional manufacturing processes and adhere to the alchemical principles according to Paracelsus.