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Alchemy is understood to be the natural processing of herbs, which is as old as the world itself. .
Very famous alchemists were Hippocrates (400 BC) and Paracelsus (15th century). Both studied medicine and botany, applied them successfully and passed on their knowledge to us in scrolls. Besides his activity as an alchemist, Paracelsus was also one of the most important natural physicians of our time.

Alchemy is an essential refinement of natural herbalism, since the plant is not only prepared in alcohol, but the minerals and trace elements are also extracted from the plant by another special process.
In this process, plant and mineral source substances are separated with the help of alchemical techniques, and the extracted substances are reunited to form a new "unity" in the sense of an esoteric philosophy

By now, more than 500 different herbs are known from Austria and abroad.